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Ed Leafe at CFUDG on 14 Nov 06  
Ed Leafe will be here to show us Dabo, his open source framework for developing desktop applications in Python. The significance? Read Ed's paraphrased words:

"In Python there are many web app frameworks, but no projects that target the desktop app like Dabo. Its for developers who have used Microsoft tools, such as VFP and VB, but also Delphi, Filemaker, and other development systems for rich client apps.
The focus will be on the visual tools available in Dabo to help you quickly develop serious database apps in Python."

As a member of both the Fox and Python communities, he can tell you that there are a lot of similarities; both are passionate about their language, and both have a spirit of helping and sharing that makes being a part of those communities something special."

Join us on Tuesday Nov. 14th, 5:30 - 7:45 at 53 W. Jackson, Suite 826, in Chicago's Loop.

Upcoming meetings: Kevin Ragsdale on Dec. 12 and John Harvey on Jan. 9.

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