vom: 21.03.2007 von: VFUG (Virtual FoxPro User Group) http://www.vfug.org/
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VFUG (the Virtual FoxPro User Group) has sent out the most recent issue of its newsletter to those who have chosen to receive it via e-mail. Articles include An introduction to ADO.NET by Farhad Bayanati, Building a VFP & Google Mashup by Barbara Paltiel, VB .Net For Foxpro Developers by Les Pinter, System Tables - MS SQL Server by Farhad Bayanati, Metadata MS SQL Server by Farhad Bayanati, Digilock by Saeed Afshari, and even more. There are tips such as Intellisense with Application Objects, Retrieving Page Content from IE, CursorAdapter Files Download, Disable Mouse and Keyboard Temporarily, EXTERNAL keyword in report file, Export a CSV File Without Field Names, Disabling Security Warnings for local EXEs, Changing the source data of a remote view, Form Scroll Bars and more. You can view this issue online or downoad its text version or all other back issues free at the VFUG site. Not a member? Join VFUG for free at the site.

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