vom: 12.04.2007 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
Atlanta FoxPro Users Group Meeting Update (April 19th, 2007)  

"The Future of VFP"

AFUG is pleased to announce that we will be having a group discussion at our April meeting, discussing the recent announcement by MicroSoft in regards to releasing the Senda project as open source, and also that there are no plans to develop a version 10 of Visual FoxPro.

LOCATION: Conarc, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

Bring your thoughts and opinions to the meeting. Could we stop you even if we tried?!? {g} Much has been blogged about this subject(s) and there as been a lot of mis-information floating around in the press. Let's sit down and discuss the current state of technology, environments and what the future holds for us Fox developers. It's still bright despite what the nay-sayers may say. We'll talk about VFP 9 SP2, Sedna, VFPx, and VFPy. Hopefully, we'll be looking at the CTP of Sedna, also.

Link zum Thema http://www.afug.com/meeting.asp