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Atlanta Foxpro Users Group Meeting (November 13th, 2007)  
[Presentation 1] What's around the corner for VFP :: [ Presentation 2] Making the Most of VFP9's reporting enhancements .::. AFUG is pleased to announce that Bo Durban of Moxie Data, Inc. will be making our November presentation. .::. This presentation should help answer any questions related to the next release of Visual FoxPro: What is Sedna? What is VFPX? What is SP2 going to do for me? What's up with Vista? There are many reasons to be excited about the new release of VFP. Find out how you can take advantage of it now and how you can be a part of it. The second part of the presentation will cover new enhancements related to the ReportListener. Find out how easy it is to not only customize your report output but also customize the report designer using the GDIPlusX library. This will not just be a show and tell, but will provide real world examples with source code that you should be able to leverage right away. We hope to see you there! .::. Bo Durban is a partner with Moxie Data, Inc. and he specializes in web and database development using Visual FoxPro, ASP.NET and SQL Server. Moxie Data, Inc. specializes in the development of enhanced database and reporting tools for developers.

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