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Members Night at Chicago FUDG on 14 Nov 07  
November at CFUDG features presentations by our local members. This month we have Jim Wiggins, Tom Corrigan, and Marc Temkin.
Jim Wiggins will share my techniques for getting users to be more specific about what they want and demonstrate a program he uses to help him do this. Jim has been using Fox since the days of FoxBase.
Tom Corrigan will talk about generating code (Foxpro, .Net, whatever) from templates using a derivative of Foxtrails and about why you'd want to do this.
Marc Temkin has been making a lot of headway with LINQ. He'll talk on his query syntax translator in part, and will also mention moving Fox to SQL, not just to ANSI-SQL but directly to LINQ. He opines that LINQ is what will bring the FoxPro developers to Dot Net.

Other white papers, quick hits, puzzlers, demos, and comments on Southwest Fox are welcome. Meeting at the ususal time and place: Tuesday Evening, November 13 at 5:30 in the Monadnock Building at 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 826.
Upcoming meetings: December features Toni Feltman and January will be Jay Van Santen.

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