vom: 07.03.2008 von: White Light Computing, Inc. http://www.whitelightcomputing.com
VFP 9 Installation White Paper  
To help those who have not loaded VFP 9 SP2 on their development machine, Rick Schummer has written a short white paper detailing the steps he has taken to load VFP 9 original (a.k.a. RTM - released to manufacturing), Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Service Pack 2 (SP2) on his primary development machine. This white paper is available for you to review and help guide you to install more than one of the VFP 9 versions so you can develop with them side-by-side. This process has been refined over the years and others have stepped through it, so it is tested by more than one developer. The goal of this white paper is to get more people using VFP 9 SP2. Rick wants to see the best practices flushed out and fixes applied to the XSource code (several have already been identified to ease the adoption). If we can identify the VFP 9 core EXE show-stopper bugs to Microsoft and get those fixed, big bonus! The white paper is available here: http://www.whitelightcomputing.com/resourcesdeveloper.htm

Link zum Thema http://www.whitelightcomputing.com/resourcesdeveloper.htm