vom: 11.04.2008 von: Oak Leaf Enterprises
On-Line .NET for VFP Developers Training - May 5-7, 2008  
Oak Leaf Enterprises announces our latest .NET for VFP Developers ON-LINE Training Class, May 5-7, 2008, 11am-4pm Eastern. This live, online training class has been completely updated to include information on the new .NET 3.5 technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow, and Windows Communication Foundation. It is taught by Kevin McNeish, author of the book .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers, a Microsoft .NET MVP, and an internationally popular INETA speaker. This class has helped many VFP developers climb the .NET learning curve and gain confidence in building well-designed Windows and Web applications in .NET. The class is just $499 with our early bird special (expires 04/30/08) and the entire class is recorded using Camtasia for your later review! Just go to our home page (http://www.oakleafsd.com) and click on the Training link.

Link zum Thema http://www.oakleafsd.com