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GRAFUG - May 10 - Mike Feltman  
Please join us on Saturday, May 10th at 10:00 am for a presentation by Mike Feltman of F1 Technologies. See the GRAFUG website (www.grafug.com) for the meeting place and directions. Collection Iteration and Arrays Visual FoxPro has great support for collections. Virtually all of the objects that can contain other objects have a native objects collection that can easily be traversed to access their members. Object collections provide a great access point for performing the same or similar actions on groups of objects. They also provide the means necessary to locate and act upon objects in a loosely coupled fashion. In this session Mike will introduce some utility functions and classes that: 1. make it easy to dynamically create and act upon collections, 2. dramatically reduce the amount of redundant code you write in dealing with collections, 3. helps you to eliminate object dependencies and write code that is more adaptable and easier to maintain, 4. eliminate drill down code Visual FoxPro also has a wealth of functions for dealing with arrays, however; developers often write very redundant code when it comes to dealing with arrays. In this session Mike will also provide a set of utility functions and classes that streamline redundant array operations and add more power and flexibility to arrays. Attendees will learn... 1. How to easily access objects and groups of objects from anywhere within a containership hierarchy with a single line of code without drilling through the object hierarchy or writing error prone lengthy object references. 2. How to perform operations on groups of objects that are not contained within a single container. 3. How to make single line calls to convert an array to a string, merge 2 arrays, remove specific items from arrays, remove duplicates from arrays and more. 4. How to create loosely coupled object references that won't break when controls are moved or even renamed.

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