vom: 12.06.2008 von: Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group
Philadelphia VFP User Group--June 18--Marcia Akins on "Practical Uses for the Windows API"  
Marcia Akins will present "Practical Uses for the Windows API" to the Philadelphia VFP User Group on Wednesday, June 18 at 7 PM. Dinner will be provided beginning at 6:30 PM. Marcia's session introduces Windows API programming for Visual FoxPro developers. She begins by reviewing what the API is and how to translates the examples that are often in Visual Basic or Visual C++ into good old Visual FoxPro syntax. She will then present several practical examples using Windows API functions to do things that cannot be accomplished using native Visual FoxPro commands. These examples include code to read the Windows Registry and retrieve user settings from the Control Panel, code to ensure that the screen is really locked when we must manipulate the appearance of ActiveX controls in our VFP forms, and much more.

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