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Chicago FUDG - September 9: Toni & Mike - On the cutting edge of FoxPro  
September at Chicago FUDG features a pair of Feltmans - both with programming roots in Fox Software, and a marriage made in Toledo.

Toni and Mike are partners at F1 Technologies, a Toledo, Ohio based product development and IT consulting firm, where Visual Fox Express is developed. Both have spoken at numerous FoxPro conferences and user groups, and written articles for publication.
Toni Feltman will speak on eTecnologia.NET's .NET Extender for VFP which makes it possible to use any .NET class from within VFP without requiring ActiveX or COM registration.
Mike Feltman will show how Visual FoxPro is an extremely powerful back-end development language for web development. Third party tools such as Web Connection, Active FoxPro Pages, FoxWeb and others allow VFP developers to seamlessly take their skills from the Desktop to the Internet.

Be sure to join us for a great evening at the usual time and place: 5:30pm on September 9th, 2008 at 53 W. Jackson Blvd Suite 826 in Chicago.
Next month: Christof Wollenhaupt on October 14 - save the date! Check our website for more details.

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