vom: 17.10.2008 von: dotComSolution http://www.activevfp.com
ActiveVFP 4 Released!!  
Build VFP web applications fast and easy! New AVFP Version 4: 1.) Vista OS integration 2.) better .NET Framework support 3.) WebThreads (new Async Class) 4.) never need to stop/start IIS 5.) just code and compile main.prg (or code in html templates) 6.) easier installation for ASP.NET 7.) AJAX/jQuery. Download: http://www.codeplex.com/activevfp Active VFP is a completely free and open source product for creating web applications with Visual Foxpro. It provides an easy-to-use framework for creating multi-threading vfp dlls(vfp mtdlls) in pure fox code that are called from ASP.NET or ASP. The goal of this project was to match or surpass the capabilities of commercial vfp web development products and to take vfp into the future by making it easy to interop with .NET for web applications. Unlike other VFP web products, Active VFP concentrates on producing multi-threaded COM VFP server apps. While other VFP web products all have a multi-threaded ISAPI client (as does Active VFP), only Active VFP focuses on creating multi-threaded VFP web server applications using vfp mtdlls. No simulated multi-threading (using multiple VFP EXE processes) here. What this means for you is much faster, efficient and scalable vfp web applications along with far less maintenance headaches and worries about uptime. It also means you take full advantage of new Dual-Core, Quad-Core or multiple processors in new computers increasingly available now.

Link zum Thema http://www.codeplex.com/activevfp