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SQLTeach BI Boot Camp workshop in Ottawa March 9-10, 2009  
The IT resources who are most in demand are BI Analysts and Developers. This exceptional workshop is your chance to get up to speed on BI with Microsoft technologies. Even if VFP offer many advantage for BI you need to know that other tools. You may have used SSRS in the past or you know what SSIS is, but BI is much more than just the tools. Until you come full circle on all aspects and best practices of BI you'll struggle in your BI projects. This is why we created the BI Boot Camp. It provides the training of 4 days in 2 days. Rushabh Mehta, MVP SQL Server and an independent consultant with Solid Quality Mentors, designed this Boot Camp with 11 labs where you can learn all aspects of BI and the Best Practices. If you are doing web sites with SharePoint and MOSS you'll be pleased by this boot camp because SharePoint is often the front-end for most BI solutions.

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