vom: 05.02.2009 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
Advantage Database Server presentation at LA Fox!  
You already know that Visual FoxPro is one of the best tools available for application development, but did you know that Advantage Database Server has better support for Visual FoxPro than any other database engine? Join us Tuesday, February 17th as we take you on a tour through the product. We'll introduce you to Sybase and how Advantage fits into the big picture there. Then, we'll move on to the technical aspect of the server and why it's different than any other database engine. You'll see getting started tips and demos to view first hand just how easy it is for FoxPro developers to move to client/server with Advantage. We'll even provide development versions of the software for attendees. See you on the February 17th.

Link zum Thema http://www.lafox.org