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ActiveVFP 4.1 released on CodePlex  
Open source ActiveVFP 4.1 is the best version to date of this popular CodePlex project. Even though it's only a .1 increment, it really ties up a bunch of loose ends: http://activevfp.codeplex.com It's amazing how easy it is to create web apps with this tool and yet it utilizes the advanced performance technology (vfp mtdlls) MS probably would have implemented for regular web apps had they continued to develop VFP. Also updated and enhanced (and exclusive to ActiveVFP!) is the ability to spin off real vfp threads in the background for long running web tasks. The example for this is a regular web app but it could probably easily be modified to work with AJAX too. All of this threading stuff is based on Calvin Hsia's work and original vfp MT class (details at CodePlex). Remember: on Windows, threads are cheap and processes are expensive!! -- new in 4.1 1.) Integration of WebAppBuilder in setup - allows drop-down of available web servers and port # 2.) Fix/enhancements to webthreads Async class 3.) New JSON class and example 4.) updated documentation 5.) Lots of small fixes and general clean-up AVFP Version 4.0: 1.) Vista OS integration 2.) better .NET Framework support 3.) WebThreads (real vfp web threads) for long-running web background tasks 4.) never need to stop/start IIS 5.) just code and compile main.prg (or code in html templates) 6.) easier installation for ASP.NET 7.) AJAX/jQuery ActiveVFP is a completely free and open source project for creating web applications with Visual Foxpro. It provides an easy-to-use framework in pure fox code for utilizing a multi-threaded vfp dll (vfp mtdll) called from ASP.NET or ASP. Requirements: VFP7SP1, VFP8, or VFP9 IIS 5 (Win2K) or higher, IIS 7 (Vista) requires turning on the IIS 6 Metabase and Compatibility Component ActiveVFP - http://activevfp.codeplex.com - Open Source VFP web development MtmyVFP - http://mtmyvfp.codeplex.com - Easily multi-thread VFP desktop code!

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