vom: 10.09.2009 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
ASP.NET Training for Fox and Web Connection Developers (Houston, Nov 5-7)  
This course taught by Web Connection author Rick Strahl is an introduction to .NET Web Development with focus on similarities and differences familiar to FoxPro and Wind Web Connection developers. The goal of this training is to provide an overview of ASP.NET development in the context of familiar FoxPro concepts and the key building blocks to get productive quickly. This 3 day event starts with a short introduction to .NET and C# language features and then dives into a pragmatic presentation of how to build a Web Application with ASP.NET. Primary focus is on ASP.NET WebForms although we'll also discuss the alternate MVC platform and its similarities to classic Web Connection templates. We'll also cover data access approaches and business object use, application architecture issues as well as Web Services in the course of this event. If you're a Web Connection user and have dabbled in .NET or are curious how to get into .NET development this course will provide a great way to capitalize on your existing skills and apply them in .NET.

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