vom: 27.09.2010 von: dotComSolution http://www.activevfp.com
ActiveVFP 5 Released- Run VFP Web Apps on cheap shared web hosts  
Open Source ActiveVFP 5 adds to its exclusive feature set by making it easy to deploy vfp web apps on shared web hosts like GoDaddy. Just copy and run! ActiveVFP is a totally self-contained programming environment and doesn't even require that you own a copy of VFP. Notepad friendly and not un-similar to creating PHP apps, ActiveVFP 5 allows you to create web apps on the fly using standard prgs with no need to compile. Follow the simplicity trend in web development - get ActiveVFP 5 at: http://activevfp.codeplex.com . Demo at: http://thetechconsult.com/test/default.aspx

Link zum Thema http://activevfp.codeplex.com