vom: 07.04.2011 von: Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group
Philadelphia VFP User Group presents an April double-header  
The Philadelphia VFP will meet Tuesday, April 12 at 7:00 PM. We have a double-header this month. Garth Groft will a look at his adventures in moving an application to the Web. Jim Walsh will present ?An example of developing a COM server in VFP?. Garth's presentation centers on an invoice payment application developed in two distinct VFP-based web servers, VFP2IIS and FoxInCloud. FoxInCloud utilizes West Wind Web Connect, Active Widgets and FoxInCloud's own unique Application Adapter Assistant. Jim's talk is entitled ?An example of developing a COM server in VFP?. COM servers represent a good strategy for providing functionality that is needed by several programs written in different languages. Jim will describe the development of a COM server that provides access to the data in a Firebird database for VFP and C++ clients. Visual FoxPro makes developing COM servers relatively easy. It hides many of the underlying details. But, can the things hidden by the Fox come back to bite you?

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