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June 2011 Meeting: Modern Web Apps  
This month we have an(other) exciting meeting planned. We'll start at Salty Dog Solutions' World HQ for a general Q&A session from 5:30.-6:30, and Eric Selje will demo his Schema tool for Thor. Then we'll move over to the Essen Haus for food, beer, and a joint meeting with the MadMongers PERL user group. They will have a presentation by Dale Sande. Here is the abstract: HTML and CSS the last thing that you have to deal with in developing your apps? Do you have a hard time communicating with your designers? Looking to get agile with your UI? Suffer from inconsistent UI and spaghetti code code all over the place? When in doubt, you default to add more CSS? Come hear Dale Sande, Lead UI Engineer for Getty Images, speak about how using metalanguage technologies like SASS and .LESS to develop a UI Pattern Library has reduced the frustrations felt between designers and developers. Tie that in with Modular Web Design concepts and OOCSS best practices and you have a recipe for WIN in the enterprise as well as small businesses. See more about Dale: - http://www.dalesande.com - http://blog.mbreo.com

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