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Chicago FUDG meets Tues. 9 Aug 2011  
In the movie 'Enter the Dragon', Bruce Lee bragged about the 'Art of Fighting without Fighting' to an aggressive opponent - and defeated his opponent by using it. Michael Hogan, one of our own, will share 'FoxPro on the Web WITHOUT having FoxPro on the web'. Recent work has led him more and more to putting FoxPro data on the web without necessarily installing FoxPro on the server - using ASP/PHP includes, and AJAX data and display tools in conventional HTML pages. He says "The concept is simple - automating Fox on the desktop to generate HTML fragments and JSON or XML data, and FTPing them up to your web server nightly. Static, unchanged pages on the site simply embed the current uploaded fragments and data using conventional techniques. The FTP process can be a scripted FTP program, or a VFP plugin." He will show a site under development using these techniques for half the pages on the site, display the simple structure of JSON data, and the commands used to consume JSON data in a common html page. The samples will be in Spry Ajax, but jQuery is VERY similar.

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