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September 2011 Meeting: Fox on the Run (a SW Fox Session Rehearsal)  
Fox on the Run: Developing Native Mobile Apps w/ a FoxPro Back-End Tonight Eric Selje will give MadFox another rehearsal of his "Fox on the Run"SW Fox Session. It's not possible to write Visual FoxPro applications for your mobile devices, but that doesn't mean you can't write applications for your mobile devices that use Visual FoxPro. By creating FoxPro-driven web services, you can create web applications that tap your business logic and data easily. But the big WOW is that you can compile these HTML5-based web applications into Native iPhone and/or Android applications too. Then you've got the power of Fox on the Run. You will learn: Basic techniques to create FoxPro-based web services Some new HTML5 functions for creating database applications Third party tools for compiling HTML5 web applications into native mobile applications

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