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ActiveVFP 5.6 has been released on Codeplex!  
ActiveVFP 5.6 has been released on Codeplex - http://activevfp.codeplex.com Follow the simplicity trend in web development! Run VFP web apps on cheap shared web hosts ... easily!! ActiveVFP 5.6 is essentially the same as ActiveVFP 5.5 but adds the following features: 1.)Scriptmapping capability such as http://localhost/demo/sessionlist.avfp instead of http://localhost/demo/default.aspx?action=sessionlist. You can also use your own custom scriptmap instead of .avfp (simply edit Web.Config) 2.)AVFP Scripts are moved front and center to the root application directory. 3.)ASP.NET is still used but an HTTPhandler in the Integrated Pipeline mode is used instead of default.aspx. 4.)Performance should see a boost as well.

Link zum Thema http://activevfp.codeplex.com