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ActiveVFP 6.0 and 5.52 have been released on CodePlex!  
ActiveVFP(AVFP) 6.0 and 5.52 have been released on CodePlex at http://activevfp.codeplex.com AVFP 6 features new community development from Victor Espina with RESTful API for FoxPro web services with extensionless URLs and, from Christian Ehlscheid and his CreateThreadObject, new multi-threaded background processing(6.0/5.52). jQuery and jQuery Mobile examples are also included(6.0/5.52) as well as updates for VFP reports to PDF. AVFP 6 includes a new MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that lets the developer create a VFP Controller class in a simple prg and return .avfp HTML views, JSON, or other output, for the best of modern web programming. Increased speed is realized since the VFP Controllers are automatically compiled only when a change is detected. (Or continue to use AVFP in the traditional PHP way by simply putting FoxPro code in HTML.) Faster than PHP on Windows, easier than C#, free and open source ActiveVFP continues to lead the way in FoxPro web development!

Link zum Thema http://activevfp.codeplex.com