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ChicagoFUDG meets Tues, 10 Sep 2013  
Chicago FUDG's next meeting is happening on the 10th of September 2013, and we have a NEW location: 1871 at the Merchandise Mart suite 1212! When you arrive at the 1871 front desk, ask to be directed to the "Credit Swiss" conference room. The speaker will be Eric Selje (http://www.linkedin.com/in/saltydog) from the Madison FoxPro users group; he'll be practicing his upcoming SWFox presentation: "Unit Testing 201: Testing Our SQL Server Backends". Here's the synopsis: Nobody wants to find out the "one little change" they made to their database resulted in a data breach or massive billing error, so how can we proactively minimize that risk? Applying the concept of Unit Tests to your database allows you to quickly ascertain whether the the changes you make to functions, stored procedures, and even other objects in your database have a negative unforeseen impact. More info at http://www.ChicagoFUDG.com

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