vom: 19.02.2015 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
wwMongoDb - FoxPro access to MongoDb  
wwMongoDb is a library that allows access MongoDb from Visual FoxPro. The library uses the MongoDb C# .NET driver and provides a simple CRUD and JSON string based interface that allows FoxPro to interact with MongoDb via JSON commands and FoxPro serialized objects. Push FoxPro objects or string based JSON into MongoDb databases very quickly, query data using MongoDb's query syntax and use the MongoDb Aggregation Pipeline to query data. Results are returned as FoxPro objects or optionally as JSON strings. wwMongoDb is open source with source code on GitHub. The current version is beta so any feedback and pull requests are welcome. Please star the repo if you have any interest.

Link zum Thema https://github.com/RickStrahl/wwMongoDb