vom: 02.07.2015 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
West Wind Globalization 2.0 released - Database Localization for ASP.NET  
After an extensive beta we've finally released version 2.0 of West Wind Globalization. This library provides database resources to .NET applications with support for a data-driven ResourceManager and ResourceProvider and support for SQL Server, MySql and SqLite. There's also a very rich interactive Web Resource Editor that makes it easy to work with and edit resources quickly. Additional features include several mechanisms for getting resources into any kind of .NET application, a JavaScript ResourceHandler that can serve server side resources to client applications and Markdown support for Resources. Westwind.Globalization is an open source project avalable on Github.

Link zum Thema http://weblog.west-wind.com/posts/2015/Jun/23/Rebooting-Database-Localization-for-ASPNET-with-West-Wind-Globalization-20