vom: 07.07.2015 von: Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group
Philadelphia VFP User Group: July 14--Tamar E. Granor on Optimization  
The next meeting of the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group will be Tuesday, July 14 at 7:00 PM in room 104, DeVry University, 1140 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington, PA. Feel free to come as early as 6:30 and bring some dinner. Tamar E. Granor will do a Southwest Fox preview of her session ?Can?t this application go any faster?? Abstract: What do you do when your customer says that your application is too slow? How can you figure out what's slowing things down? How can you make it faster? Optimization of a VFP application is more than just applying Rushmore correctly, though that's an important step. In this session, we'll explore techniques for measuring performance of a VFP application and look at things you can do to speed it up.

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