vom: 19.01.2016 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
Html Help Builder 5.0 RC1 released  
Help Builder is a tool to create documentation for application, developer or reference documentation, knowledge bases, snippet repositories, help desk references and more. Help Builder's low friction interface keeps your hands on the keyboard and lets you do what you do best: Create quality content. Help Builder 5.0 now uses the popular Markdown format for editing, and provides powerful tools for topic linking, image embedding, screen captures, displaying of source code using syntax highlighting and can generate output to an HTML Web site, Html Help file or a Word or PDF document. Help Builder is based on the latest HTML technologies so you already now how to customize the look and feel of the final layout. Version 5.0 also introduces mobile friendly HTML templates for responsive, fast and SEO friendly Web output. For developers, Help Builder allows creating class and database documentation from source files including .NET types, SQL Server database, FoxPro and data code, Web Services definitions and data and COM objects. Documentation doesn't have to be a chore - let Help Builder help!

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