vom: 31.03.2016 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
West Wind Web Connection 6.0 RTM released  
West Wind Technologies is proud to announce the release of Web Connection 6.0 RTM. This major update to the popular FoxPro Web development framework includes many enhancements that make Web Connection easier to use and manage.Web Connection is a Web development framework for Visual FoxPro that allows you to use your FoxPro skills to build Web applications, services and APIs. Version 6.0 includes a new project system and facilitates creating, managing, moving and deploying of projects. Automated configuration scripts make deployment much easier. Layout Pages, Partials and Sections allow for modular MVC style HTML applications. There's support for extensionless URLs, easier authentication, a Markdown parser, async processing and many new HtmlHelpers. Web Connection 6.0 can be installed side by side with existing installations. There is a free shareware version to try it out and registered users of 6.0 can update to the release version for free.

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