vom: 08.10.2016 von: Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group http://www.chicagofudg.com
Chicago FUDG meets Tuesday 11 Oct 2016  
Members who attended Southwest Fox this year will share and discuss the most exciting presentations in Phoenix. Among the favorites was using version control in VFP, and adding DotNet functionality (such as two-way network communications between applications) through VFP. There was also a presentation that allows you to make your desktop applications accessible through the cloud without using web technologies - like remote desktop, but better and cheaper! Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 at 5:30pm. WeWorks, 332 S Michigan 9th Floor, Chicago. More info at HTTP://www.ChicagoFUDG.com where you can RSVP using the EventBrite link on the home page.

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