vom: 12.07.2018 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
West Wind Client Tools 6.21 released  
West Wind Technologies has released version 6.21 of West Wind Client Tools. Client Tools provide a host of Internet functionality to FoxPro applications including support for SMTP email, rich HTTP access, FTP and SFTP up and downloads as well as high level REST and HTTP based data services. The toolkit also contains many utility classes including a simple business object layer, SQL Server data access wrapper, a powerful .NET bridge to access just about all .NET components without COM registraiton, JSON and XML serializers, a JSON REST service client, PDF rendering and more. 6.21 is mostly a maintenance release but also includes support for .NET Event handling in wwDotnetBridge, support for >16 meg file uploads for wwHttp and a number of improvements to the JSON parser and wwEncryption. A shareware version is available for download to check out the product and registered users of V6.0 and later can update for free.

Link zum Thema https://west-wind.com/WestwindClientTools.aspx