vom: 12.04.2021 von: Southwest Fox Conference http://www.swfox.net
Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (May): Procrastinators Unite and Register Today!  
We’re glad so many have already registered for the May 6th Virtual Fox Fest. We still have room for many more. If you’re planning to attend, please register sooner rather than later. We don't want you to miss all the details about the conference we'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks. We want you to have a chance to read the white papers and download the examples once we release them before the conference starts. We'd hate to see you miss the opportunity to get a head start on all the goodies. Go get registered! Now, really, don't waste another minute. Here is the link: http://geekgatherings.com/Registration

Link zum Thema http://geekgatherings.com/Registration