vom: 12.06.2021 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
Markdown Monster 1.28 has been released  
West Wind Technologies has released Markdown Monster 1.28 of its popular Markdown Editor and Weblog Publishing tool. Markdown is an easy to use, plain text writing format for creating HTML content, and MM makes it easy to create Markdown content in a productive writing environment with tons of out of your way tooling support. MM can create HTML and PDF output and publish Markdown directly to your Weblog. v1.28 is a maintenance release that brings many small UI enhancements and small bug fixes, a new table editor, project and marker file configuration enhancements and few other small updates. Markdown Monster is free to try and registered users can always upgrade minor versions for free.

Link zum Thema https://markdownmonster.west-wind.com